An analysis of your data can reveal invaluable insights for your business and your costumers. We offer a range of statistical data analysis and modeling, including:


  • Calculating statistics and significance of the results,
  • Prediction or classification model building,
  • Automatic reporting and graphical representation of results,
  • Analytical reports,
  • Checking the validity of models,
  • Building models which can be used for prediction purposes.
  • Data Analysis
  • Data and Information
  • Analysis
  • Reporting


Data are not information! In the business and economic world, extracting knowledge from data enable decision makers and managers to make informed and better decisions in uncertain situations.


The analysis of data and the application of large scale machine learning methods characteristics of your data, inherent patterns, or prediction models will be found. The results may be reported in the form of a table, a graph or a set of percentages. The concrete form of reporting depends on your personal preferences and might be textual and/or graphical.


Some examples of the problems we can help you:


  • Identify customers before they quit,
  • Identify customers that are most likely to buy your product,
  • Find new cross-selling connections,
  • Are able to predict fraud before it is performed,
  • Identify trends in your specific market,
  • React to the personal preferences of your (future) customers.


We provide a look into your future…

We built models for fraud detection, acquisition and churn models, market prediction models, and models from exploratory data analysis.

We also specialized in methods of data preparation and transformation as well as visualization.


…with the data from your past

This can be done analyzing the vast amount of data generated by your business, even the one you thing is completely useless.


Please contact us if you are interested in an in-depth analysis of your data.