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Join our team to extract value from the exponential growth of data using the advanced machine tecniques. Join us in this transformational journey with our team of experts with more than 20 years experience. More than algorithms, we help you rethink your problems through non-conventional approaches.

Case Studies

Credit Risk

The team has more than 10 years experience in solutions for Credit Risk analysis and pioneer the use of Neural Networks in this area.


Insurance is all about assessing risks. We believe the way risks are measured is essentially flawed. In develop a methology based on generative adversarial networks that proved to be 30% more effective in auto-insurance than GLM models

Medical Image

We develop projects with the most advanced Convolutional LSTM model for video image segmentation. See our presentation here

Natural Language Processing

We have experience in using deep learning for NLP: drug discovery through biomedical literature mining and loss ratio prediction using conversational dialogues from customer service data.

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